Recent Projects

After several failed attempts by previous local roofing companies to stop this roof leaking. This customer decided to call the professionals in and solve the issue once and for all. The issue was obvious to us straight away and with a 30/40mm head lap no amount of patch ups were going to solve this issue. So they decided to get a complete overhaul of the roof including new fascias and OG guttering system.
We were called to this roof in cowling which had just had a ”new roof”. As you can imagine from the pictures it was still leaking heavily and the previous contractors were no where to be seen. Leaving the poor customers to have no alternative but to have buckets all around their bedroom catching water.
Recent re roof we have just completed in Fence. As you can see it’s a massive job and was a very challenging job for me and the team. But, as usual I think we’ve pulled it out of the bag and left a very happy customer. We also had the pleasure of working with Reliable Renewables Ltd and intergrating a massive 48 panel solar system.

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